Christmas Musings

Well here we are, the last month of  2013 is here. How has your year been?

Have you done all those things you wanted to do? Are you frantically trying to finish off those goals and promises you made to yourself? Or are you just avoiding thinking about it? J

 Keep Calm! Just remember it is okay, whatever is happening in your life right now, you can only focus on getting what needs to be done in order of priority. Make these last few weeks of work and school before Xmas as good an experience as possible, so you don’t arrive at Christmas Day a mental and emotional wreck and totally exhausted! Remember – it is supposed to be a fun time of year!

In the mean time, you just  need to keep calm… and enjoy the whole lead up to the Christmas season’!

Gratitude: Take some time to think about and feel grateful for some of the amazing things you saw, funny things you did or heard, great or little things you achieved, fantastic people you met, beautiful moments you shared with friends or family or in nature.

I often look back through my mind and just see faces smiling and laughing as I remember all the funny moments I shared with family, friends and clients during the year, and all the special moments in nature just “being” and soaking in its beauty– gorgeous sunsets from our deck or when driving home, my spring garden which pretty much does its own thing and still looks amazing (and makes me look like a great gardener!) walks on the beach, sleeping near the beach and hearing the waves rolling in and out,  watching our faithful, funny dog do her little antics, waking up to the birdsong outside our window, cuddles with my kids, connecting with old friends, enlightening conversations, learning cool new things, snuggles on the couch and talking with and listening to my husband, reading uplifting books and quotes, teaching yoga –(one of my favourite things to do) and sharing all the wonderful experiences that people have in class!  I feel blessed to have had such an amazing year!

I always notice that my favourite memories are never really material things like clothes or cars or “stuff “. I guess it is experiences that are more intangible, more of an emotional buzz and a feeling in my heart that bring me the most joy.

 Time to Connect! Plan to catch up with your friends, go to some of the parties or celebrations that you think you will enjoy without wearing your self out going to everything. Get your gift shopping done and don’t go crazy buying too much – people really want to feel a heart connection and sometimes it is nice to keep things simple and show you put some thought into your gifts. Get your presents wrapped, cards sent – have you noticed that you don’t seem to get as many Christmas cards anymore? People tend to do the quick and easy email or Facebook shout-outs and videos…I guess as things keep changing, we keep changing too.  And as long as we keep in touch in some way with loved ones that is the most important thing!

 The Joy of Giving: Let us all remember to give to some money or food or presents to those wonderful charities that help those less fortunate enjoy Christmas as well. Or reach out to someone who is lonely or in need of some support and include them in some of your celebrations or give them a gift or some of your time helping them in some way that will show you care.

Get into the spirit of giving and sharing and gathering with others. I am so looking forward to having all my boys and my ‘DIL – daughter-in-love’ (sounds so much better than daughter in law) home to share our little rituals and help each other prepare our favourite foods and treats and just relax and savour sharing time and being together. It is relaxing, happy and low key, and that is how we all like it. Boxing Day is my husband’s birthday, so we have to keep that spirit of celebration energy going that bit longer so he still gets to have some treats and feel special on his day!

Love, Light and Blessings at Christmas and Always,