How do Australian Bushflower Essences work?

I have just finished another Australian Bush Flower Essence Workshop, and again am amazed at the plethora of uses of these humble little essences! The different Australian Bush Flower  Essences can be used singly or in combinations to restore health and harmony in our organs and  systems of the body as well as working very effectively at releasing negative emotions. They are so simple to use – either taken as drops under the tongue, or applied to directly to the skin or added into sprays, creams, or a bath.

The more we understand how these negative emotions affect our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, the more important these very safe Australian Bush Flower Essences become as vehicles to help us  let go of negative thoughts  and outdated old family patterns that no longer serve us.

There is such a beautiful symmetry within the Doctrine of Signatures (this is a well known term in herbalism, and also food,  explaining how the physical appearance of the flower correlates to specific areas of the body, or the actual illness or imbalance. This gives a clear indication of how it will be useful to the body or mind in triggering a healing response).

Studying the essences also makes you realise how perfect our universe really is, with all the intricate details contained within each flower. Flowers aren’t just here on earth for us to admire their beauty in a garden or a vase, they are here to help us to heal ourselves, and our planet!

I will continue to add more specific information on the flower essences over the coming months as well as  case studies of various problems: hot flushes, skin and digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, learning difficulties etc. The list of issues that can be addressed is endless!