Insidious Anxiety

 Anxiety is one of those insidious things…it just quietly creeps into your life, and before you realize it, becomes a familiar pattern of reactions to certain situations, and you find yourself just doing that pattern at the first sign of anything going differently to how you wanted it to.

 So in any ‘stressful situation’ eg: a job interview, an exam, meetings with colleagues, a dinner or party where you don’t know anyone, travelling somewhere new, getting on a plane, shopping in a strange place….the breathing becomes short and shallow, your chest feels tight, the heart rate goes up, maybe you sweat a lot or feel vague and  you lose focus and forget what you want to say, vision may become narrow and there is a feeling of panic.

 There are many other symptoms and triggers, but basically it comes down to the sympathetic nervous system kicking in (the fight, flight or freeze response) releasing all the stress hormones so you can make a quick getaway or fight for your life…neither of which you usually do in our “civilised world” where we tend to stay and conform to the normal expectations of behaviour – while simultaneously churning away inside!  So, you are left with these powerful stress neurochemicals pumping through your blood and organs, creating havoc because they are not being released in a satisfactory manner, instead they are just irritating your cells and destroying the natural balance and functioning of your body.

 So your heart rate goes up, blood pressure rises, teeth grind and clench, neck and shoulders become tight and lead to headaches, digestive system gets unbalanced – maybe diarrhoea or constipation, – or both with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), bodies become tight and tense and find it hard to relax and go to sleep, mind is racing rehashing every scenario…on and on it goes. And we end up wound-up, stressed and anxious. We need to break the pattern with a new one that is more pleasant and, more powerful.

 Some people wait until they are in physical pain before they come along. So then it is often good to start with Bowen/NST therapy to help the body relax and unwind some of the tension and chronic ‘holding’ within the muscles and joints. This softening allows people to move more normally, get better sleep, and feel good because they are no longer in pain.

Or, maybe they come to yoga to learn how to stretch and breathe to release the tension out of their body and mind. Once they reconnect with their body and their breath, they are suddenly back in the drivers seat of their body and mind again, knowing that they can change the way they feel through changing their breathing and posture.

The yoga and body therapy are both backed up by the potent effects of mindset coaching, and learning how to use our mind to ‘change our state’ and create what we want to feel and think, when we want to feel it.

I am still in awe of how everything blends together so well, and can be tailored to suit each clients and the particular situation. They can be used as stand alone treatments for some people, or in conjunction with medications and other therapies. The main thing is for people to realize that they are not alone, and that there is a wonderful array of different strategies to help people feel better about themselves and their life.

 Here is a link to the Beyond Blue website for some Anxiety in the workplace info.