I found the aromatherapy blend Suzie made helped normalise my periods within 2 cycles – I had no pain, a  normal flow, no tears or depression, my family couldn’t believe it. After many years of suffering – I was me again!
Sharon, Full time Mum

Suzie has led two Aromatherapy presentations that I have coordinated for teachers in the region, and at our school……I have found Suzie very easy to approach about various topics and ideas. She is an energetic, friendly and professional speaker who creates a very calm and serene feeling amongst her audience. Suzie is a wealth of knowledge and always attempts to make her presentation suit the setting she has been asked to be a part of. I would highly recommend Suzie as a speaker for a wide variety of groups, we will certainly be getting her back to our school to impart her knowledge of things that we did not get a chance to explore – such as breathing, yoga and meditation.
Penny Lucas, Religious Education Coordinator, Holy Family Primary School, Gowrie, ACT