Bowen / NST

I am delighted to endorse Suzie’s treatments principally using Bowen/NST  therapy. I first suffered back pain from a worn out disc about 25 years ago, and have managed this over the years through chiropractic and then osteopathic treatment.I then found Bowen therapy about 5 years ago and have never looked back. The treatment is incredibly light-touch and profoundly relaxing.The result effect is that the body seems to re-set itself. I walk out feeling taller, straighter and very relaxed. I am a fairly serious cyclist these days, so the muscle-release achieved through Suzie’s treatments is better than any massage treatment – and I have had many of those. Mark R. ACT

I came to get my neck and back fixed and found that my sinuses cleared up completely as well! Amazing. Bowen is so deeply relaxing too.
Robyn, Admin Officer

Throughout my chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments my regular Bowen session every few weeks has been my sanctuary of peace. A complete escape. No needles, no painful procedures, no machines. Just loving care in a calm and peaceful space. My body and mind relax completely…it feels like heaven. Robyn, Teacher

Suzie gave me a Bowen Treatment after I had broken my foot in four places. Although I was walking, it was with difficulty, I was in a lot of pain and I was limping quite badly. As soon as the treatment was over, I got up and walked across the room with absolutely no limp and no pain. My foot has recovered very quickly. It was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Bowen therapy, it really works!!   Theresa, Yoga Teacher

To Whom It May Concern. After undergoing 3 operations on my right shoulder and having physiotherapy for 12 months, a work colleague talked me into seeing Suzie Williams, a Bowen Therapist. My problems not only included continued pain in my shoulder but I had 2 discs out of alignment in my neck and arthritis in my shoulders and pelvis.  I was very sceptical about the benefits of Bowen Therapy and before my first appointment researched what it involved. I have now had five Bowen sessons and I can’t believe the results.  The pain in my neck and right shoulder has diminished, the arthritis in my shoulders and pelvis doesn’t trouble me and I can walk for long distances with no discomfort. I am also a diabetic and I have noticed after a Bowen session that my sugar readings also drop. On the whole my physical and mental state are the best that they have been for years. I will continue to have monthly Bowen sessions. Bob Moon, Public Servant