Dru Yoga & Carers Yoga

“Each time I walk into Suzie’s yoga class feeling stiff and sore, I walk out an hour later relaxed and re-energised. I’ve noticed my flexibility improving every week. For me the gentle rotation of my spine has been the most beneficial, all signs of tension gone. Suzie is always welcoming. She gives clear and precise instructions and is expert in bringing together the mind and body.”    Debbie Barber, Bonython

“This is the best yoga class I have ever been to anywhere, ever! I feel great! All my stress just evaporated, and my body feels fantastic!”    Kim, Registered Nurse, The Canberra Hospital

“I can’t believe I have only been coming to yoga for 3 weeks and feel so much more flexible all over. Your class is so friendly, easy and relaxing yet so effective at helping my body feel great and relaxing my mind as well.”    Cathy, Retired Public Servant, Theodore

“Suzie’s yoga class is my peaceful oasis in a busy working week. I look forward to it, and feel the benefits all week. I can focus and concentrate more effectively at work and make better decisions. I use the breathing techniques at home and at work, even while I am waiting for everyone to come to a meeting I can sit and calmly breathe away any stress and feel great by the time everyone else sits down. As a result of managing my stress from work I have been able to lose weight (30kg) one third of my body weight over 3 years ago. I have developed more strength and flexibility and the old back and neck pains no loner flare up like they used to.”    Greg, IT consultant 

“My wife suggested I attend Suzie’s yoga classes and she’s delighted with the changes I’ve experienced. And so am I. Within a few weeks I was able to reduce the medication I take for sleep and depression. In fact, I feel so relaxed I never need to take any medication on the night I go to yoga – and the benefits of the yoga class assist me in managing my stress and anxiety levels all week. I feel much calmer and more confident.”     Michael, company director
“I hate to miss my weekly Dru Yoga class with Suzie. I look forward to some time out for me each week. I sleep so well after class, and feel so much lighter and happier in myself. These benefits last all week. I really notice the difference if I can’t go to class for some reason –  I find I’m just not as relaxed, I get more uptight at work and at home and don’t sleep as well.”     Sue , O H & S Supervisor, Banks

“I slept like a contented baby after my first yoga class with Suzie, and now don’t have to get up during the night ( I used to wake up a lot). I am not as angry. I find the breathing really helps me manage my anger and competitiveness, and I feel much calmer and happier in myself. I feel more flexible too.”     Tony, Sales Rep

Carer’s Dru Yoga Testimonials

 ‘As a full-time carer, I recently discovered Suzie’s carer yoga classes and what a wonderful discovery it was! The classes were great for all ages and stages. I was instantly welcomed by both Suzie and my classmates. Those hours off were an oasis during a tough time. It’s so important not to forget to look after yourself because it makes you so much better at looking after others. I would recommend these classes to all carers without hesitation. Suzie is a gifted, generous and caring teacher. ‘   Kate W

‘I have recently joined the Tuesday yoga group. As a multiple carer and often   travelling interstate with these roles, I found joining the yoga group so beneficial to my sense of well being.The yoga practices and particularly the mindfulness, breathing and relaxation help me switch off from being on ‘high alert’ to needs of others and make me feel calm and centred.

Suzie always imparts an affirming message and has natural warmth and empathy. The informal support of a  very hospitable group of carers  sharing lunch at the CIT cafe afterwards also helps foster well being and reduces the isolation and anxiety that can accompany the caring role.

Most importantly the yoga gives me self management strategies much more powerful than any medicine. I can use these at home or in daily life.

I would encourage any carer to come and try a session.’  Thank you, Brenda Walker

As a carer of someone with a chronic mental illness, I find that Suzie’s yoga class is very therapeutic for me.  I feel so much better afterwards. The exercise improves my physical flexibility and my body feels looser, lighter and I am more relaxed.  I have inflammation of the fascia in my legs and the gentle stretching and warm up exercises relieve the symptoms making me more mobile.   Suzie is an excellent teacher and provides a lovely atmosphere and energy in the class.  A wonderful camaraderie has developed between everyone who comes along and we often meet for lunch and coffee afterwards.  A great way to improve your physical and mental well being Janet M

I have been participating in Dru Yoga classes for Carers for about a year now.  I would have to say that I have certainly gained both health and psychological benefits from attending the weekly classes.  My flexibility and posture has improved and I look forward each week to catching up with other participants for an enjoyable chat after the class.  The Dru Yoga classes have had a positive influence on my life as a carer. Cathy Hill

 I wish to express my appreciation of the weekly sessions of Dru Yoga I have been attending for 3 terms under the tuition of Suzie Williams.

It was recommended to me as a new carer and it has helped me enormously to face the new challenges in my life. Having previously done a mindfulness course, I find the Yoga classes build on this beautifully. In addition, the classes build up my strength, flexibility and energy quite significantly –  all of which is so important in the caring role.

Being among other carers gives me a healthy perspective on my own situation, while feeling I am understood and encouraged.

Suzie Williams does a remarkable job as teacher.

Considering the range of ages and ability, Suzie is able to find just the right program so that everyone without exception feels they have partaken of something particularly helpful. Her bright and enthusiastic personality draws everyone in and contributes to the high retention rate .  Ruth Monty

Coming to the Carers Dru Yoga is like getting a big, warm hug!  Jenny

Since I started yoga classes, over three months ago, I have found many health benefits. I am more relaxed, flexible on my body movements and even sleeping better.I have also found my concentration and stress levels much better. I enjoy your classes and would recommend yoga to everyone.  Regards, Luis Bonilla

Suzie has a wonderfully affirming teaching style encouraging each student to work at their own level of ability, flexibility (or otherwise!!) and within our physical limitations.

Her instructions are clear and her capacity to simultaneously model each step always impresses me!  Relaxation at the end is always a welcome part of the class meaning that I leave guaranteed to feel much better, more balanced and at ease – ready to manage whatever else the day brings.  Heartily recommend it to all!!   Marg Sharp

I have been doing yoga with Suzie every week (except school holidays) and it is amazing how much better I can move.  I think I have been going for 2 years or more and can really feel the difference.  I have had many ailments the main one being a aortic valve replacement and so had lessened the exercise I should have been doing.  I was unable to get to the floor let alone get up from the floor before I began with Suzie – now I am able to get up and down easily.  Also, a lot of  the same men and women come each week and it is very good to see familiar faces whilst exercising.  I have got to know another couple and we meet for lunch occasionally which is very pleasant.  I do enjoy the Dru Yoga with Suzie Williams. Thank you, Trish Magnussen 

Hello Suzie,
Thank you so much for yesterdays Carers’ yoga class – it restored my soul. I feel so calm and strong, and haven’t had such energy for years!  Thank you again, Jan