Flower Essences

I am not sure what is in those Flower Essences, but I feel much calmer in myself, both at home and at work. I find am listening more to others, and not as impatient. The Bowen has really helped relieve inner tension and the various pains in my body too following a recent traumatic accident.

Andrew, CEO

For many years I had a huge wart on my left index finger, on the outside near the middle joint. It was quite painful, unsightly to look at because it was so big and had black tips. It was very awkward to use my finger as it I couldn’t bend it properly. I was a quite self conscious about it so always wore a bandaid to cover it up. I had tried various lotions to remove it, had it ‘burnt off’ by the doctor several times and nothing had been successful. Suzie gave me some flower essences to take orally and to apply to the wart and it was gone in 2 weeks, with no scar! I was amazed and very pleased.
Anne Gray, Gold Coast

I was starting to get hot flushes and some of the other symptoms of menopause such as poor sleep pattern, and getting a bit “snappy” with the family. I found that the Flower Essence blend really helped to change everything very quickly, I was falling asleep more easily, and staying asleep, back to my nice calm self with the family, and no hot flushes!

Susan C, Canberra

The flower essence blend Suzie made for me has really helped my hayfever this year – I have found it more effective than anything else I have used. Mark