Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep

“More aware and focused, not just rushing through life. Making time to enjoy what is around me.” SH

“I have gained the tools I need and am using these tools daily, and almost subconsciously. I am more in touch with myself and more relaxed.” NA

“The course has brought immense benefit in thought, word and action not only for myself, but to my family and friends too.” GG

“Having information to draw on for relaxation, calmness as well as being more aware. I notice things with more clarity.” DB

“I have some more calming tools to use when stressed but also know how to incorporate these tools into everyday life. I am practicing the calm breathing more often, noticing more things to be grateful about and not take them for granted” LF

” I feel happier. I am more relaxed. I don’t let the small problems turn into big problems anymore.” JL

“I am able to recognise anxious moments and see them for what they are. I am able to relax myself and be thankful for all the things I have.” JP

“I am able to go to bed without feeling anxious and go to sleep easily. If I do happen to wake up during night, I know what to do to get back to sleep again.”