My UnMindful Moment…

Well, as Canberrans we are always glad to see the winter solstice come, signaling the welcome change in light with the slow but sure lengthening of the days. Even thought there is still 2 months of winter, somehow just getting to the solstice seems to make it shorter (at least that is what we agreed at yoga the other night!)

I had no idea what I was going to write about in the newsletter this month. And then I had a funny incident that reminded me of last month’s story on Mindfulness, and how we can find ways to be mindful in each day – even unplanned moments! In my rush to leave the house the other day to get to an appointment, I just grabbed my handbag, and my yoga bag, and headed out the door.  It was one of those cold, windy days, so I was wearing my new and very warm coat that my sons gave me for Mothers Day this year. (I love it cos it keeps me so warm and toasty.) Anyway, as I dashed out the door, pulling it closed behind me I felt my coat get caught. At that exact moment I thought “I will have to get my keys out to open the door” and simultaneously also thought ” Oh No! I didn’t put the keys in my bag! How am I going to get to my appointment?”

I suddenly felt a bit odd standing there attached to the door. So I wriggled out of my coat, ran around and checked the other doors. And then phoned my gorgeous daughter in law, who was working from home that day, and asked her to come and rescue me, as I knew she had a key (our spare is “lost”).

By this time I was freezing, so went back to the front door and having no other choice to keep warm…wriggled back into my coat and just stood there, looking very silly whilst still attached to the door, waiting for her to arrive. While leaning on the door, I then had a few somewhat forced minutes to think about why this had happened, and realised that this was a great example of not being mindful!!!

I was busy doing too many things before I left,  thinking of all I had to do that day, and how long it was going to take me to reach my appointment, and that I had to take my yoga bag for the class that afternoon etc, etc, and so I wasn’t actually being completely present with what I was doing before I left ….so didn’t do my usual check to see I had my phone, diary, keys etc… It was a great lesson again for me to slow down, be aware, and not to rush and risk forgetting things. Which I found very amusing , seeing it is what I have been teaching a lot lately! The universe has a sense of humour and many ways to keep us alert, and humble!

What sort of things do you rush through, overlook or forget?

My lovely daughter in law and I had a good laugh at how funny I looked tied to the front door!  🙂