NST/Bowen = Fast Pain Relief

Neuro Structural Integration Technique ( an advanced Bowen Therapy) is constantly amazing both myself and clients with the rapid pain relief they can experience within a session. I have recently had an influx of clients with severe back and neck problems, where they have suffered long term pain for years, often work place injuries or car accidents. Some have had surgery (with ongoing pain after surgery), others have tried many different therapies searching for some pain relief.

What they have found with NST/Bowen is they experience almost immediate deep relaxation within minutes, and then feel their body releasing the restrictions that are causing the pain. When they stand up they feel “my body feels freer and more open”, “more flexible and easier to move”, “I feel lighter and taller”, “I’m able to stand up properly and walk more evenly”, “able to move my head and neck further than I have in years”, “I can get my shoes and socks on by myself”. When they return the next week , they have slept better, had more energy, and moved about with little or no pain. Some have reduced their strong anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers down to a minimum, and others have been able to come off them in a few sessions. While this may not happen with every person, as it depends on the individual’s actual  injury or problem, most are happy to just be taking less  medication and feeling clearer in their minds.

Each client is assessed and given stretches, relaxation and breathing techniques to help them feel better and more in control. The difference in their posture and general wellbeing is quite remarkable over a period of just a few weeks. They have found this enhanced awareness of their whole body really helps, and is often overlooked in their usual medical care.

Healthcare Savings and Research While everyone has individual responses to the NST/Bowen therapy, the vast majority have positive results very quickly. It is a shame that Australia often lags behind in recognising innovative health solutions that are developed here in our own country. It is also somewhat frustrating for clients  that some of the health funds and the workplace insurance companies don’t look into the research being done on these techniques more thoroughly. It could save  thousands of dollars on post injury care!

Between 2004-2006 a research study was conducted in Milan, Italy. A combined effort of the World Health Organisation, Psychosomatic Institution and Northern Italian government revealing NST had a rapid effect on relieving back and neck pain and improving quality of life and sustaining it for long periods of time, (months to years). Clinical studies worldwide have shown 95% of people have a positive outcome after receiving NST with 80% having total resolution of symptoms in 1-5 session! No wonder it has spread so rapidly in the last 16 years through Europe, Middle East, United Kingdom, Canada and US and is now taught to osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists and medical doctors in well known health institutions with outstanding results.

Remember to lobby your health funds to include more of the complementary therapies that you use and find successful. They will then hopefully expand the range of therapies included in their range of services covered when they see such great results. Ultimately it can save them money too!