Stress Management & Wellbeing

Searching for the path to deal with stress and feel more relaxed and in control?

It’s not as hard as you think, but it sometimes needs a little direction and some easy steps to follow.

The Transformational Coaching programs can include a blend of life coaching, NLP, relaxing Bowen/NST therapy, Hypnotherapy and Yoga.

Individualised blends of  Aromatherapy essential oils and /or Flower Essences can help balance any underlying issues. Each program is designed uniquely for you, to suit your particular needs so you can achieve personal wellbeing and health, in all realms – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

“What outcomes might I expect from these programs ?”
People often come with a specific areas of stress in their life that they would like to change or improve, bad habits they’d like to release, or they just want to move forward and let go of things that might be holding them back.

Typically, the kinds of things they experience through the assistance and support of a personal stress management coach include:

  • reduced stress, anxiety, frustration and anger
  • easy to do techniques to relax, release stress and tension and feel good in your body and mind
  • increased self-confidence and self awareness
  • overcome phobias and fears that restrict you from fully participating in some areas of your life
  • healthier relationships – with yourself family, friends, colleagues
  • more focused approach to work and life
  • better health and general wellbeing, improved sleep and more energy
  • clearer picture of their ‘purpose’ in life

At Abundant Potential we believe in treating you as a whole person, addressing mind, body and spirit to relax, rebalance and reconnect you with the real you.