Online Shop Coming soon! Most products available onsite by appointment or can be posted nationally.

Aromatic Soy Candles – Handmade natural and aromatic soy wax candles in a variety of beautiful glass containers. Only pure essential oils are used to give subtle , exotic and fresh aromas (no cheap fragrant, synthetic oils used). Go green and bring your containers back to be refilled reduced cost. Or, bring your own special container for a special gift.

Each candle is a Peace Candle that has been lit from the World Peace Flame in Wales, and handmade with love and blessings for world peace! A truly unique gift for a special occasion, birthday, thank you, house warming or Christmas. Abundant Potential Aromatic Candles can be made with the essential oils of your choice by arrangement.

Aromatherapy Products  – Beautiful aromatic blends – Space Sprays, Body and Massage oils, Personalised Face Creams and oil blends, or wound care.

Relaxation CD, Mindfulness CD

Flower Essences – Face to face or phone consultations available, (pick up or post.) 

Coaching Sessions – Can be arranged for face to face, phone or Skype at mutually agreeable times.

Step Forward Flexible Orthotics – If you have painful feet, fallen arches, structural oddities, hammer toes, bunions or post surgery problems these world reknown flexible orthotics may be able to give you the relief you are searching for.

The Step Forward orthotics are designed around a healthy foot. The idea that the foot can rebalance and realign itself when it is encouraged to walk using the muscles, bones and ligaments correctly has proven to be a huge success with many thousands of happy, satisfied feet around the world. These orthotics are guaranteed for 10 years, and are designed to fit into most shoes.

All you need to do is come and have a print taken of both feet to ensure you purchase the correct size. Step Forward Orthotics are usually delivered within 48 hours. Some health funds provide rebates with proof of purchase.