Re-treating Your Self

Abundant Potential have just finished a series of half day Dru Yoga Retreats overlooking the serene lake and gliding swans, to welcome in the new year, and to bring into focus the importance of taking time to relax, rebalance and reconnect. We all need time away from the everyday routine to really tune into ourselves. It is a real ‘treat’ for your spirit to retreat now and then!sitting in serene pose for meditation

It is amazing how quickly you can release tension and stress out of your body with some flowing movements, stretches and great yoga. Topped off with some soothing partner therapy, a wonderful, deep relaxation and  delicious afternoon tea, it is a perfect combination!

Everyone who attends goes through a rapid ‘unwind’. The softening of their facial expressions reveals how much more relaxed they are within the first half hour. The rest of the session just builds their awareness of how they are moving, breathing and feeling, enhancing their sense of inner calm and focus.

Taking time to ‘re – treat’ into your Self for even a short while enables you to shift into a different perspective on your life. Allowing you time to reassess what is important, and what you can easily let go. This sets you free to embrace all the amazing opportunities that lie before you!

Join us on a retreat soon, they will run regularly throughout the year.