The Joy of Learning Reiki – why we all need to learn Reiki!

Many people are familiar with the word Reiki, but not altogether sure what it really is, or how it works. Reiki is basically a short course where you learn how to help heal your self, and others,  using  the Universal Energy that is readily available to us all. Thankfully, Reiki is no longer relegated to the ‘woo woo’ section of complementary therapies. It is readily available nowadays in many hospitals, hospices and nursing homes around the world. This is due to its safety and effectiveness. Reiki is self adjusting and cannot cause any harm. When an area of the body has received enough energy, it  just switches off and doesn’t receive any more. This indicates to the person doing the Reiki that it is time to move to another area of the body.

People usually feel the Reiki energy as a lovely warmth that is very relaxing  and comforting. Many amazing stories of healing have been documented. The Joy of Learning Reiki is that it can work on physical and emotional healing – resulting in the experiences that people talk about.

Since I have been teaching Reiki, I have been quite delighted to find that all the students have reported major transformations within  their own lives. They feel an incredible sense of joy and peace which pervades all aspects of their life. They feel content within themselves, and relate to everyone with a deeper sense of compassion and awareness. Their happiness levels have skyrocketed, and they live with a sense of gratitude and awareness of all that is good in their world. They have had increased success and enjoyment in their careers, and seem to be a magnet to others, who just like to be around them. Since they have experienced the Joy of Learning Reiki they have found great satisfaction in being able to help others in a safe and practical way that gives the recipient the tangible benefits of great pain relief, deep relaxation ( where healing occurs more readily) heightened awareness and inner calm.

While teaching a recent course on the weekend, I was truly humbled listening to the the students stories. I realised the profound and far reaching potential of Reiki within the workplace, the medical field as well as everyday homes of everyday people. Most people want to feel as if we are making a difference or can help in some way. Reiki is a simple and effective way to help others and your self.

Towards the end of the course we gave a Reiki healing to a lovely man who has cancer. It was amazing to see him surrender to a deep, relaxed and very calm space inside himself…he called it “bliss” and he lay there for nearly an hour in a very relaxed state and said he “felt as if he could feel his liver cleaning itself, and  his brain and nerves tingling  with life and energy ” while he was lying there. It was a wonderful experience for everyone present to see this, especially his wife who was learning Reiki in order to help him.

More on the Joy of Learning Reiki another day!