Wedding Bliss!

“There is only one happiness is life, to love and be loved”

Well Canberra put on its best weather ever for the weekend of my son’s wedding in February, everyone from out of town was very impressed with how lush and green it looked everywhere. The Yarralumla Yacht Club area was superb with the sunlight filtering through the magnificent big trees, elegant black swans gliding by, bobbing boats and the shimmering lake. During the evening the candles glowed while the lights sparkling across the lake created a very romantic atmosphere, and we all had an incredible time – everyone said it was the happiest wedding they had ever been to! (I agree – though I might be biased!)

It is indeed a beautiful thing to watch young love bloom and grow into a deeper level of caring, friendship and passion for a life of shared dreams and goals!

It was really a very special and beautiful occasion in our lives, and we feel very blessed to have shared it with all our loved ones. The bride looked stunning…and so did the groom! Our other two sons were also in the wedding party so it was a true family affair. Photos are still arriving and all are beautiful. Thanks to all those who sent your good wishes and blessings for this special event, all those positive vibes for sunshine certainly worked!