What is different about Dru Yoga?

People always ask…what is different about Dru Yoga? It is a little hard to explain and so much easier to experience! I am always in awe of the transformation that occurs on the faces and within the bodies of students in my classes. This is often called the magic of Dru! Peaceful, happy, calm faces and relaxed more flexible bodies are the end result of an hour or more of Dru yoga.

Everyone enjoys the activation to music at the start to loosen up the body and shake away tension and stress. The deep breathing and postural  alignment then helps to bring them into their centre, ready to move through the  subtle yet powerful Energy Block Release (EBR) Sequence. This is one of the main points of difference. The EBR is unique to Dru Yoga, and is designed  to clear blockages in the energy system  and activate your whole being in readiness for the yoga movements that will follow.

The beautiful, flowing movements create feelings of peace and calm that wash through both your physical body and your mind, releasing tension and stress. You will feel clear and focused with a sense of inner peace and freedom.

A deep relaxation completes the class. This is a special time to truly relax and surrender into the blissful, relaxed REAL  You!

At Abundant Potential the benefits of Dru Yoga blend beautifully with Bowen Therapy and all other modalities to support the body. Once your body has released the pain and restriction with Bowen/NST, the many effective yoga stretches and postures allow the body to strengthen and become more flexible. Many clients find they are able to then manage their former problems (such as back pain or neck pain) very well with ‘regular doses’ of Dru yoga. In future posts I will elaborate on the finer details of Dru Yoga and other modalities. Talk again soon!