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Dru Yoga  is a very flowing, graceful style of yoga that is very inclusive and accessible because it can readily be adapted to any body.

You are encouraged and supported to go at your own pace, especially if you have injuries, pain or limitations. Just let your body relax and open gradually, there is no competition here! And please feel free to ask for help with how to modify the pose to suit your body.

This is not a strong power yoga or fast-paced vinyasa, instead it creates changes in your body and mind in a gentle way.

Remember you don’t have to be flexible to come to yoga…instead people come to yoga to become more flexible!

Safety is very important so we always warm up the body with an activation and stretches before doing poses. Breathing patterns, relaxation and meditation are the reward at the end to restore and balance your energy levels so you leave feeling calm, clear, uplifted and relaxed.

Dru Yoga ‘Social Note’: We are creating a lovely community of ‘yogis’ that enjoy gathering at a local cafe for a chat over coffee or a cuppa after the morning classes. Please feel free to join us as it is a wonderful way to meet some new, like-minded people and make new friends!

Yoga Retreats Half day, whole day and weekends – are held throughout the year. Check calendar, or click on Events for more details.

Tailor-Made Yoga: These sessions are a fantastic, easy-to-do and enjoyable way to experience nurturing self-care and simple stress management. Learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques, while improving flexibility, posture and concentration.

A popular and unique team building experience, retreat or class for friends or a girls weekend away, a farewell or special birthday celebration, a nurturing pre-wedding celebration or “hen’s night” to take the stress away before the big day!

Holiday Yoga: The perfect way for tourists and holiday makers to de-stress so you can truly relax your mind and body and fully enjoy your holiday in paradise. If you have floorspace at your accommodation or apartment, a deck or a garden, we can make a yoga session happen for you!

Corporate Sessions: Yoga, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation classes for staff as a regular stress management program, or staff development or team building events and corporate wellbeing days. Or as an executive stress management program for tense, overworked people in the workplace. Research shows that effective stress management  improves performance, innovation, loyalty and engagement at work – reducing sick leave and stress-related mental health issues.

Community Groups:  A great way to help provide much needed time-out for specific support groups and their carers.

School health and wellbeing sessions or school science programs to help students understand how stress affects their mind and body, and gain first hand experience of how to create the relaxation response to manage their own stress.

Contact us via email or phone with your details so we can arrange a session for your workplace, organisation or group.

Reclaim Your Balance and Strength. An 8 week course designed to help you regain trust in your body to support you by deloping flexibility, strength, balance & awareness of your posture, and how you move and hold your body. Delivered in a friendly, interesting, inclusive class with simple, easy-to-do stretches and movements that you can continue to do at home. We have so many amazing success stories from participants of varying ages who have had fantastic results! 

Check calendar for cost, dates, times, in Term 3. Begins Tues 25th July 11.45-12.45. Venue is Tomaree Community College.

Nurture Your Inner Goddess evenings are held once a month on a Monday: 6.45-9.00pm. And the occasional half-day retreat. Check calendar or Facebook for dates.

Essential Self-Care & Self-Love for Women. Come and join other lovely women of all ages, shapes and sizes for a beautiful & relaxing evening celebrating your feminine energy.

Learn ways to share & experience more of your nurturing goddess gifts. Gentle flowing movement. Blissful relaxation & meditation. Nurturing tools to soothe your soul. Check in here or on Facebook or contact me directly for details of next session.

Practical Mindfulness. Begins Wednesday 9th August and runs over 6 weeks from 1-3pm.  Check calendar and Facebook for dates and times. A simple easy, practical approach to Mindfulness with techniques you can use anywhere, anytime to bring you into a calm, relaxed and focused state. Includes a relaxation CD.

A very practical approach that covers many ways of developing and integrating mindfulness and relaxation into your busy life! Book your place through Tomaree Community College 02-49841011

School or Private sessions: The Chill Out & Relax course combines gentle yoga, breathing, positive mindset and thinking strategies to give students techniques for self managing their anxiety and stress – invaluable skills for life!

If you would like to organise a Stress Management Program for your school (Either for students or staff! or both) please contact me for more details so we can design a program to suit your specific needs. I have taught a very successful program for high school, and Grade 11 & 12 students who are preparing for their HSC. Some shy students like to come for a few private sessions to talk about particular issues and learn in safe, quiet space.

Enrolments in the program  grew each year with the students enjoying taking time out from the stress of school and study, social media, family problems, social, work and sport commitments to learn how to relax! They love the stretching and movement, and it is amazing how quickly they all can now drop down into that quiet, calm place within. The relaxation is the favourite part for all of them.

It is concerning to realise how stressed and anxious some kids can be, and great to also realise that some students have come to the course because they want to know how to relax and take care of themselves so that they don’t get into the anxiety cycle as an adult. This program works well for all of them.

Abundant Potential Yoga Retreats – morning or afternoon retreats–  have a theme, and are a wonderful way to spend time exploring different aspects of Dru Yoga and self-care that we don’t always have time to do in a regular class.

So you will enjoy learning more about yourself, go a bit deeper into the benefits and power behind some of the yoga poses or sequences, have a lot more time to surrender into deep relaxations, nurturing self-care practices and the soothing effect of the breath (pranayama) as well as do some meditation… and most importantly time to “just be”….

Plus, you will share time relaxing and connecting with other lovely people while eating delicious, fresh food and sipping herbal teas.

At last it is here!  Whole Day Retreat – flowing Dru Yoga with a theme or process to focus on (e.g.: A New Year Vision Quest, Art Therapy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Mindfulness) …plus

  • lovely relaxations
  • nurturing self-care practices & partner therapies
  • fun & laughter
  • inner peace & harmony
  • time for some quiet space “me time”

Morning tea included. In keeping with the yogic way of sharing and giving, please bring a small plate of simple, delicious, vegetarian food to share for lunch. It is great to bring a friend to share the experience or just take some well-deserved time out to reconnect with and nurture the Real You!

Come and join in … next dates: NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! Dru Yoga Vision Quest Retreat, 9am-3pm Sunday 7th January 2018. In Nelson Bay. A day to relax your body, clear your mind, dream, create, set your goals and then magnetise them to you with empowering yoga sequences & mindset techniques. Lunch included. Bookings essential.

** You can also arrange a Special Yoga Retreat Click on the Yoga at Your Request box to plan  –

  • a retreat or class for your own group of friends
  • a nurturing pre-wedding celebration or “hen’s night”
  • a lovely farewell for a friend
  •  birthday celebration with a difference
  • or team building/staff development session for your workplace

Delicious refreshments provided!