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Corporate, School & Carer Programs


Abundant Potential offers a range of stress management and wellbeing services for corporate groups, schools and carers. Click on the boxes below to find out more or call Suzie on 0413 332 933 to find out how I can help you.

Abundant Potential offers a number of activities that have been shown to be highly successful for corporate customers – enabling you, as a leader or team member, to bring out the best in the people that make up your team, and creating a supportive environment that allows your organisation to grow to its full potential.

Stress management is a key factor in maintaining the health, wellbeing and loyalty of staff.

Stress has almost become an epidemic amongst all ages. Both work and school have become very stressful environments, and many people find it difficult to keep on top of the many demands for their time and energy.

Physical pain and emotional and mental exhaustion manifest as anxiety, overwhelm, depression, bullying, poor concentration, indecisiveness which all contribute to feelings of despair and not being able to cope.

When staff feel that their organisation cares and is concerned about their physical and emotional welfare, studies have shown that they are more motivated, loyal, creative, take less sick leave and stress leave, and stay longer in the workplace.

Investment in programs that treat each individual as a whole person, not just a statistic, has proved to be very effective, representing a positive return on investment. Programs can be designed to suit your organisation.

Once people know how to relax, they can begin to regain control over their lives and recover their health as well as a renewed sense of wellbeing. They are more productive and have more energy for work and play.

Stress management in the workplace is essential these days due to the enormous amount of pressure most people deal with in their everyday lives. Juggling work, meetings, deadlines, study,  family, finances and health – something’s got to give! Usually it is their personal health and the family time. They need to work to pay the bills, but if work isn’t supportive they can suffer physically, mentally and emotionally, which shows up in workplace symptoms such as absenteeism or presenteeism (where they are at work, but not performing or functioning at an effective level due to underlying anxiety, stress, overwhelm and often depression).

There is a growing awareness and trend emerging in organisations in response to this problem. Many companies and departments are engaging stress management consultants to address the stress issue. By providing strategies to identify how staff manifest stress and anxiety as an individual, how it affects their health and their performance at work and at home, they can then use the simple techniques regularly at home and at work to reduce their anxiety. Once they know how to relax, they can begin to regain control over their lives and recover their health as well as  a renewed sense of wellbeing. They are more productive and have more energy for work and play.

Abundant Potential can provide individual sessions for employees, or group sessions.These can include many proven techniques such as gentle Dru Yoga, relaxations, special breathing patterns, mindfulness, visualisation and meditation, as well as developing different strategies for thinking, and living a positive, successful life.

Keynote Speaker

If  you would like an interesting, informative and entertaining speaker for your event of conference please contact Suzie to discuss the topics you would like to have addressed  for example Stress Management, Self Care, Mindset, Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness.

‘Stress-Less’ Events

Events can be organised to suit your organisation’s needs, and tailor made to your time frame, venue and number of attendees.

Corporate Retreats

Retreats can be arranged as stand alone events, as part of a conference or personal wellbeing or development days, or as a dedicated executive stress management program. The Port Stephens area is a stunning location for a staff retreat or conference surrounded by  nature – the ocean, the bay, the whales and dolphins, bush walks, and great cafes, restaurants and hotels. Please email or call to discuss your ideas for enhancing stress management and wellbeing in your workplace.

Young people have so much to deal with these days, and not always a strong network of friends or family group to support them. So the gift of mindfulness, yoga and a positive mindset is really a skill for life.

The ‘Chill Out & Relax’ Stress Management Programs for high school students have been very successful.  This course runs for 6 – 9 weeks so that the students have the opportunity each week to develop new neural pathways for relaxing their mind and body through repetition of the postures, breathing and relaxations.

Students report they are more able to recognise the triggers for their stress and anxiety and can handle stressful situations such as social events, exams and presentations more confidently.

The students have all felt less anxious, more relaxed and more flexible (in mind and body). They also found it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. For many, it was the only time they turned off their mobile phones and allowed their mind time to switch off and relax! They were kinder to themselves (less inner critic) and more patient and aware of others feelings.

Knowing how to manage your own stress and anxiety levels is a wonderful skill for life. Initially, I was rather surprised at the seriousness of the stress related problems in these beautiful, young people – panic attacks, difficulty breathing in stressful situations, insomnia, crying all the time, social anxiety, anger issues. So it has been amazing seeing them come each week to relax with the yoga and breathing and just enjoying being calm inside their own bodies, while learning some simple success principles for living a positive, happier life.

Are you a Carer?  Are you suffering from Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm? 

Come to Carers Yoga – The Perfect Antidote for the Relentless Stress of a Carers Life!

Having been a registered nurse, a carer for my Mum, and working with many carers over the last 35 years in nursing homes, hospitals, and my natural therapy clinic, I understand how stressful life can be for someone in the caring role.

It is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job. Even if you are not living with the person, the ‘stress tentacles’ still reach out and find you, as you constantly worry about their wellbeing and health whether they are looking after themselves, or in a care facility.

Many carer’s suffer from chronic anxiety, ongoing depression, poor sleep, poor memory and concentration, anger and frustration (often suppressed), social isolation, poor digestion and weight issues, pain and stiffness due to lack of physical exercise from being housebound or too tired to move and exercise.

For many years I have ran yoga classes for carers in Canberra, and still return each term to teach specialised classes. Currently the Port Stephens area Carers Dru Yoga Mindful Movement class is on Tuesday from 2.00-3.00pm in Corlette Hall, 49 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette.

There is so much research to support the positive effects of yoga on relieving anxiety and depression and many other issues. I believe it is very valuable for the wonderful carers to attend a local weekly class to regain their sense of health and wellbeing, inner calm and happiness.

I love teaching these classes as it really can help carers to connect with other carers, and form new friendships in a supportive and compassionate environment so they can better cope with their caring role.

Is it yoga anyone can do? Yes! This is a very easy going, easy to do style of yoga, no need to tie yourself in knots or do pretzel poses. This yoga is based on focused breathing and gentle stretches to build flexibility, improve balance, gain strength and reduce pain, and most importantly, deep relaxation to calm and soothe the mind, body and soul. It is suitable for all sorts of bodies, ages, and levels of flexibility. We have men and women who come, couples who need time out from their kids (young or grown up), young carers in their 20’s up to people in their 70’s.

Who can come? Everyone who is an unpaid family carer is welcome, and all are encouraged to participate to their level of ability. There is no competition or judgement. You are encouraged to just do your best with how your body is feeling on the day. Everyone feels improvements within a very short time, even after the first session, people notice they feel calmer, sleep better, and can move more freely. Obviously these benefits increase the more you come.

What if I can’t come every week? Many carer’s do try to come every week because they know it helps them feel good. Some just come when they can. There is no pressure. We all understand that a carers life is very unpredictable, and things like medical appointments, behaviour issues and sickness can come up at the last minute. So just do your best to look after yourself, have your yoga bag ready to go, and seize the moment when you can to get out the door and come along – imagine  having and hour and a half of quiet, nurturing “Me Time”!  Everyone reports that they feel many benefits rippling out into their life, and overall a sense of improved wellbeing and a more positive outlook.

Social: The group is very inclusive and welcoming. Everyone is very supportive and understanding of what you are going through, and it is often the only socialising that some carers have in the whole week.

What sort of carer can come? So if you are caring for someone who has dementia, cancer, autism, aspergers, MS, Parkinsons Disease, depression or mental health issues, chronic heart disease, diabetes, acquired brain injury, or any other illness or mental health problem, please feel free to join us and learn some great strategies that are very effective at helping you relax, feel calm and back in control of your thoughts and emotions, and feeling better physically too.