Grounding and Earthing

Earthing or Grounding there is a lot of talk about “Grounding and Earthing” these days. It seems pretty common sense really, most of us just love to get our shoes off and sink our bare feet into the soft green grass, wet sand or mud. It just feels amazing, and our feet seem to feel so much better, freer … we just have to wriggle our toes and stretch our feet and toes out! For thousands of years we didn’t wear shoes…and when we did begin to wear them they were leather soled, which conducted electrons …but now it seems we hardly go anywhere without shoes and most of them now have rubber or plastic soles – which do not conduct electrons!

There is a movement that is rapidly becoming very popular – and it involves more than just getting our feet out onto the earth. They have developed gadgets or earthing/grounding mats that help to create healthier environments inside buildings as well. So we can sit at a computer or go to bed and know that our body is being recharged, rather than drained by all the other gizmos that are whirring away in the background, outside of our awareness. We may switch off the TV, and kettle but there is a lot more “dirty electricity” surrounding us than we care to think about. So these devices can help to enhance our health, along with being out in the real world with good old barefoot to earth contact.

When placing our bare feet or lying our body down on the earth grass, dirt, sand or concrete the negative electrons in the earth are apparently conducted into our body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. This grounding effect is very good for our general health, reducing inflammation, improving blood viscosity, soothing and balancing the nervous system and improving sleep and general wellbeing by reducing the effects of stress. It helps stop the effect of “dirty electricity” and “electromagnetic pollution”.

In yoga the posture called Savasana or the corpse pose, where we lie flat on our backs in deep relaxation is a perfect way to connect with the earth, especially as the back of the head is resting on the ground as well, allowing the brain to be directly soothed and calmed. Or doing a few yoga poses out on the lawn or at the beach is also fantastic. Or just kick your shoes off at lunchtime and sit with your feet on the grass or dirt and recharge – getting a good dose of Vitamin D at the same time! It costs you nothing, and you will feel so calm, relaxed and revitalised!

There are lots of articles and references to research on the internet, here are 2: Ober, A.C., 2003. Grounding the human body to Earth reduces chronic inflammation and related chronic pain. ESD Journal, July issue; Ober, A.C., 2004. Grounding the human body to neutralize bioelectrical stress from static electricity and EMFs. ESD Journal, February 22 issue; Medicine 16(3):1-9; Chevalier G. Changes in pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation, perfusion index, skin conductance and their variability induced during and after grounding human subjects for forty minutes. J Altern Complement Med 2010;1:81–87;

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