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I am delighted to endorse Suzie’s treatments principally using Bowen/NST  therapy. I first suffered back pain from a worn out disc about 25 years ago, and have managed this over the years through chiropractic and then osteopathic treatment.I then found Bowen therapy about 5 years ago and have never looked back. The treatment is incredibly light-touch and profoundly relaxing.The result effect is that the body seems to re-set itself. I walk out feeling taller, straighter and very relaxed. I am a fairly serious cyclist these days, so the muscle-release achieved through Suzie’s treatments is better than any massage treatment – and I have had many of those. Mark R. ACT

I came to get my neck and back fixed and found that my sinuses cleared up completely as well! Amazing. Bowen is so deeply relaxing too.
Robyn, Admin Officer

Throughout my chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments my regular Bowen session every few weeks has been my sanctuary of peace. A complete escape. No needles, no painful procedures, no machines. Just loving care in a calm and peaceful space. My body and mind relax completely…it feels like heaven. Robyn, Teacher

Suzie gave me a Bowen Treatment after I had broken my foot in four places. Although I was walking, it was with difficulty, I was in a lot of pain and I was limping quite badly. As soon as the treatment was over, I got up and walked across the room with absolutely no limp and no pain. My foot has recovered very quickly. It was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Bowen therapy, it really works!!   Theresa, Yoga Teacher

To Whom It May Concern. After undergoing 3 operations on my right shoulder and having physiotherapy for 12 months, a work colleague talked me into seeing Suzie Williams, a Bowen Therapist. My problems not only included continued pain in my shoulder but I had 2 discs out of alignment in my neck and arthritis in my shoulders and pelvis.  I was very sceptical about the benefits of Bowen Therapy and before my first appointment researched what it involved. I have now had five Bowen sessons and I can’t believe the results.  The pain in my neck and right shoulder has diminished, the arthritis in my shoulders and pelvis doesn’t trouble me and I can walk for long distances with no discomfort. I am also a diabetic and I have noticed after a Bowen session that my sugar readings also drop. On the whole my physical and mental state are the best that they have been for years. I will continue to have monthly Bowen sessions. Bob Moon, Public Servant

I found the aromatherapy blend Suzie made helped normalise my periods within 2 cycles – I had no pain, a  normal flow, no tears or depression, my family couldn’t believe it. After many years of suffering – I was me again!
Sharon, Full time Mum

Suzie has led two Aromatherapy presentations that I have coordinated for teachers in the region, and at our school……I have found Suzie very easy to approach about various topics and ideas. She is an energetic, friendly and professional speaker who creates a very calm and serene feeling amongst her audience. Suzie is a wealth of knowledge and always attempts to make her presentation suit the setting she has been asked to be a part of. I would highly recommend Suzie as a speaker for a wide variety of groups, we will certainly be getting her back to our school to impart her knowledge of things that we did not get a chance to explore – such as breathing, yoga and meditation.
Penny Lucas, Religious Education Coordinator, Holy Family Primary School, Gowrie, ACT

I just want to say a huge thank you for assisting me with your wonderful flower essences. Who would have thought that a few little drops under the tongue each day, could have such a powerful and positive effect on me.

One of the major things I have noticed is that my hormones seem to have leveled out. I’d suffered from PMS for such a long time, now it’s barely noticeable. I am also sleeping better and feel much more energetic and focused.

Thanks so much. I look forward to making these magical essences a part of my life.  Saffron Quantrell

I am not sure what is in those Flower Essences, but I feel much calmer in myself, both at home and at work. I find am listening more to others, and not as impatient. The Bowen has really helped relieve inner tension and the various pains in my body too following a recent traumatic accident. Andrew, CEO


For many years I had a huge wart on my left index finger, on the outside near the middle joint. It was quite painful, unsightly to look at because it was so big and had black tips. It was very awkward to use my finger as it I couldn’t bend it properly. I was a quite self conscious about it so always wore a bandaid to cover it up. I had tried various lotions to remove it, had it ‘burnt off’ by the doctor several times and nothing had been successful. Suzie gave me some flower essences to take orally and to apply to the wart and it was gone in 2 weeks, with no scar! I was amazed and very pleased. Anne Gray, Gold Coast

I was starting to get hot flushes and some of the other symptoms of menopause such as poor sleep pattern, and getting a bit “snappy” with the family. I found that the Flower Essence blend really helped to change everything very quickly, I was falling asleep more easily, and staying asleep, back to my nice calm self with the family, and no hot flushes! Susan C, Canberra

The flower essence blend Suzie made for me has really helped my hayfever this year – I have found it more effective than anything else I have used. Mark

“Suzie has a very generous heart and the vision to see into the crux of a problem that is stifling a persons inner light. For me with practicality and sensitivity, she summed up how my situation was impacting upon me, and with loving support and nurturing strength she shared her wealth of knowledge with me, held my hand though a transformative process at a pivotal point in time for me and helped me to feel liberated from crippling anxiety and grief. I feel altered, calm, accepting of myself, my situation, and to be more able to cope in this reality.
I am now able to engage in a new way in my life. I have had lots of therapy but the relaxation, visualisation and releasing practice she lead me through worked on such a deep level that I trust in this change being permanent for me. Life has moved forward and I am shining! with love and gratitude to you Suzie.”  Vanessa xx

“Suzie has assisted me to arrive to a number of realizations in such short time. She has the ability to empower you, to grab the reins yourself and take control. Every time I left a session I was uplifted and energized. She creates a safe environment which allowed me to be truly open, and I thank her for her patience.  Samar Thompson

“Suzie is really good at what she does, which is to help people manage their stress. She has used Bowen therapy, yoga, coaching and stress management to help many of my family members and friends over the past 16 years. Once people have been in the room with Suzie they always go back. She has a comprehensive understanding of the human body and mind and a knack for providing you with just what you need. Her intuition and practical experience is a rare combination you need to experience in order to truly appreciate it. ”         Antoniette Gomez, Managing Director

TO ALL WHO NEED SUZIE’S HELP… “Life had simply got on top of me. I was stressed and for the first time in my life I HAD to admit that I was depressed. In the past I had always been able to pull myself out of feeling ‘down’, ‘having the mean reds’ or just ‘feeling blue’. I knew the situation was worse than anything in the past as I realised I was wringing my hands and rocking and prone to tears if anyone looked sideways at me. This time, I needed Suzie’s help.

I fronted at my session with her, feeling on the verge of tears and kind of fearing what ghosties from the past would be revealed. My self-esteem, self-confidence, self-image were all low to non-existent so anything might happen. During the session, we simply talked about why I was feeling this way and so badly this time. Suzie’s questioning and encouragement was persistent but gentle. It was only me that was making it worse. She asked about particular things that made me feel happy, what I thought was one of my best achievements, and other pertinent things. As we talked about these things I began to realise that I had been and could be again, a worthwhile person and someone people would like to know. Suzie taught me several simple techniques that helped me feel even better about myself and my life.

At the end of our session, Suzie gave me my Gratitude Journal in which I was to write 5 things at the end of each day that had made me feel happy. Only 5 ???!!?? To start with 5 seemed a lot but eventually, I didn’t even have to write them down…everything was making me happy again!

I have to admit part of one session I found VERY confronting – but it was just me trying not to see the things Suzie was gently trying to get me to see. This, however, turned out very positively, when, later  that evening I called my brother for answers that only he could give me. Oh the weight that was lifted from my shoulders!!

So, in conclusion, I can simply say that life for me is back on track. I try now, not to sweat the small stuff because it really is all small stuff! I go through the day smiling because I CAN deal with the big stuff. And I live today…there were some wonderful moments in the past and they are memories I treasure. And tomorrow? Well, it never comes because it is always today. And today IS the beginning of the rest of my life. Thank you Suzie, for seeing the good stuff in me and bringing it out again.”B Stubbings

Hi Suzie! The time has come to pass on my big thanks.  I can’t believe it’s been two years since we met.  Following the timeline therapy I did with you, I haven’t worried about (the issue with) my mother once.  It took me a further year to realise that meant I wasn’t likely to worry again and that you have helped me be free to be myself!

Today, I feel more content – emotionally and mentally – than ever before.
Much love and appreciation, Sarah

“After struggling with increasing anxiety issues and resulting mental and physical health issues over a couple of years, I felt I was hitting rock bottom. I was suffering serious health issues and going back and forth to medical appointments and not coping with the many work and personal commitments in my life. I felt that I could not find a way forward or where to start. After a couple of trips to casualty with suspected heart issues and some possible mini stroke episodes, I needed to listen to the warnings that my mind and body were giving me. As well as following up on medical tests with specialists to rule out serious issues, I decided to approach Suzie regarding her treatments to assist with my situation. I had read through one of Suzie’s newsletters regarding her many different treatments and ways of addressing pain and stress management etc.

Suzie was so very comforting and I felt very comfortable to discuss my many and varied issues with her in our first consultation. After taking the time to really listen and understand where I was at and what I was feeling etc, Suzie suggested a personal treatment program which would include a commitment to a longer term range of therapies to address my situation. Through the appointments with a range of therapies including Bowen Technique, yoga, talking through issues with hypnotherapy and mindset work etc, I progressed from an anxious mess, not knowing what to do or how to start anything, to a much more calm, confident and peaceful person.

Suzie provided me with the tools to use to not only move forward, provide clarity and confidence to address my issues, but the techniques are always with me to assist when real life throws out continuing challenges. The program enabled me to manage my anxiety and provide the clarity to make decisions about  my work, health and life that were much more beneficial to me both mentally and physically. Suzie has been an amazing support and teacher as well as competent provider of the range of therapies during my program. I always felt very comfortable and confident with Suzie, developing a relationship based on trust and acceptance. Suzie is very knowledgeable and capable in her areas of expertise, with an amazing, warm and caring way of guiding me through to grow and develop my ability to use a range of natural, peaceful and positive tools to enhance my life experiences.

 I highly recommend Suzie and her therapies to anyone requiring assistance with their emotional and/or physical health issues, or even just to enhance their life experiences. I am continuing to enjoy my emotional and physical development through yoga classes and experiences with Suzie, and I look forward to continuing to learn and enjoy many new and wonderful experiences in the future.” Leanne Herne

I couldn’t have done it without Suzie!

Years of anxiety and health problems had resulted in my life becoming small and sad. When a major family crisis happened I knew I needed help. I had done yoga with Suzie in past years and knew she did coaching and other therapies. I rang her straight away and she fitted me in even though she was about to go away. That was the beginning of my recovery.

Our weekly coaching sessions gave me an opportunity to cry, talk and laugh and helped me see things more positively. Suzie was kind, compassionate and comforting. Just what I needed – I no longer felt alone.

One of my biggest goals was to re-enter the workforce. Suzie coached me through my journey back to work, providing support and encouragement. I have been working for nearly a year now which has had an amazing positive effect on my health. I’m well and happier than I have been for many years. My heartfelt thanks to Suzie.   Jenny P   

“Thank you for being an understanding, thoughtful and  special person to share ‘your gift’ of kindness, gratefulness and mindfulness”  Charmaine

“More aware and focused, not just rushing through life. Making time to enjoy what is around me.” SH

“I have gained the tools I need and am using these tools daily, and almost subconsciously. I am more in touch with myself and more relaxed.” NA

“The course has brought immense benefit in thought, word and action not only for myself, but to my family and friends too.” GG

“Having information to draw on for relaxation, calmness as well as being more aware. I notice things with more clarity.” DB

“I have some more calming tools to use when stressed but also know how to incorporate these tools into everyday life. I am practicing the calm breathing more often, noticing more things to be grateful about and not take them for granted” LF

” I feel happier. I am more relaxed. I don’t let the small problems turn into big problems anymore.” JL

“I am able to recognise anxious moments and see them for what they are. I am able to relax myself and be thankful for all the things I have.” JP

“I am able to go to bed without feeling anxious and go to sleep easily. If I do happen to wake up during night, I know what to do to get back to sleep again.”