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Mindfulness, Mindset & Relaxation

Mindfulness is really what enjoying life is all about. Being present so you can fully enjoy the moment you are in. And basically mindfulness is what yoga is all about too. This is because it is hard to think of anything else when all your thoughts and senses are engaged with moving the body and following your breath.

However, there are some other great little tools you can use to assist you in becoming more mindful in your thoughts and actions, and aware of your mindset – your patterns of thinking and behaviour. These are very easy to learn and simple to do at work, at home, in the car, anywhere!

“Stress Less, Live & Love More” is a very effective Mindfulness, Mindset and Relaxation course.  These courses are held in 2 parts throughout the year. This gives you time to practice the various techniques of mindfulness awareness, meditation and ways to improve your mindset between classes. Feedback has been wonderful with everyone noticing the difference in all areas of their lives when they become more mindful.

Courses can also be arranged for the workplace, research has consistently shown that Mindfulness has a huge impact on staff performance – most notably increased productivity, innovation, loyalty, harmony and improved wellbeing (less sick leave!) which of course has a significant impact on profits…