Australian Bush Flower Essences & One Garden Essences


The price for this product is $17 per bottle if made during 1:1 therapy or coaching consultation.
Phone or Skype consultation: $25 for 15 minutes, $50 for 15-30 minutes, $80 for 30-60 minutes. Cost is $17 per bottle plus postage.


Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine that have been used for thousands of years by many ancient cultures – Aboriginal, Indian, Egyptian,  South American and European. They have made a big resurgence in the last 60 or so years since Dr Edward Bach developed his essences in England.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences and One Garden Essences work quickly, deeply and subtly on stress and anxiety, grief and many other emotional issues as well as physical problems. Flower Essences have been accepted around the world for their rapid, profound and subtle effects on many emotional and physical problems.

“Our biography affects our biology”. Research over the past few decades has shown that our body responds to how we are feeling and thinking, and this affects our health and wellbeing. The flower essences are unique in the way they address the underlying issues.

Flower Essences are taken as drops under the tongue twice a day, and can be added into creams or sprays, or applied directly to the skin. There are no harmful ingredients, no fragrance or traces of essential oils so they can be used safely on all ages, and in combination with other western and herbal medicines.


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