The many faces and places of Dru yoga:

Some of you have asked about other classes that I teach… so I just thought I would let you know about some of the incredible opportunities I have been given to share the benefits and joys of Dru yoga with the wider community in the past, above and beyond teaching regular weekly classes.

* College: I have run a Stress Management Program at some local colleges for the Grade 12 students…I was rather surprised at the seriousness of the stress related problems in these beautiful young people. So it has been amazing seeing them relax with the yoga and breathing, learning some success principles for living a positive life and just enjoying being calm inside their own bodies.

The students have all felt less anxious, more able to handle stressful situations such as exams, found it easier to fall asleep etc. Knowing how to manage your own stress and anxiety levels is a wonderful skill for life. I heard one girl say “the worst thing about this class is that it ends! I never want it to stop I just feel so good during the class”.

Another said “this is the best thing I have learnt all year at school” and another said that he “now knew how to manage his anxiety before exams using the breathing techniques.” 

Young people have so much to deal with these days, and not always a strong network of friends or family group to support them. So the gift of yoga is really a skill for life.

I would love this program to spread into all the colleges and high schools because it actually works and has a positive long-term impact. Some of the primary schools have classes for the little kids, which is great. Unfortunately for a lot of older students, cost is an issue. So if you have any contacts, connections, generous benefactors or ideas on how to access funds or funding to support a program at one of the schools – please call me! It will make a powerful impact on young lives.

* Disabilities: I have also taught a delightful group of people with varying disabilities including brain injuries, strokes, severe autism and Downs syndrome. It is such a joy to teach these people, of all ages, who just laugh and joke and are totally present in the moment.

* Teens: And I have been asked to do a program for young teen mums to help them with some coaching and life skills, and learning how to relax and manage their stress with Dru yoga.

* Carers: The weekly class on Tuesdays has become a bit of a lifeline for the regulars, they love knowing they have somewhere to come and “just be” and to have time out to breathe, stretch, laugh and truly relax with other lovely people.

They all have such big, patient, kind hearts and live such complicated, often very stressful lives helping those they love and care for, I feel honoured to be able to provide a sanctuary for them, even if only for a short while each week.

* Alzheimers: I have taught 4 week program on Mindfulness and Relaxation for the carers of people with Alzheimers …

* Stressed Women in the Workplace: I have run Practical Mindfulness and Positive Mindset classes combined with some of the soothing magic of the Dru yoga movements and relaxation skills to help women who are feeling the effects of stressful work environments beginning to take its toll on their health, their home life and their happiness. Amazing results with each woman ranging in age from 20 to 65 year olds!

So, as you can see, it is a very exciting and surprising journey that yoga teaching is giving me. I never quite know what to expect when I answer the phone!

If you would like to organise a one off session, or a program for yourself, your workplace – a Personal Development Day/Team Building/Stress Management and Wellbeing sessions, or if you know of a support group or organisation that would benefit from such programs, please feel free to call or email so we can tailor make sessions to suit your specific group. It is so worth it!

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